About Omaha Equestrian Foundation


In a portion of the country with a rich equestrian history and a city with more millionaires per capita than any other American city, there is a 1,000-mile void in high level jumping and dressage. The Omaha Equestrian Foundation (OEF) is filling that void with competitions that attract riders, horses and businesses of excellent caliber to the Midwest while providing educational opportunities benefiting the equestrian sport.


OEF is a 501(c) (3) non-profit founded in 2010 with the mission to produce international caliber equestrian events that will develop our region into a hub of the sport horse industry, attracting international championships as both educational and economic development opportunities for the area.


Our premiere competition, the International Omaha, is a world-class equestrian show jumping and dressage experience, combining high-level, intense competition with educational activities designed to engage and entertain the whole family.  2020 will be the ninth year that Omaha will host this internationally sanctioned competition featuring riders representing different countries and states who have competed in the Olympics, World Cup Championships and Pan Am games.  


OEF is supported by two full-time employees, with all other work completed by OEF volunteers and contractors.


OEF Accomplishments include:


April 2012        Host of the first US 5-Star jumping competition in the region, the International Omaha

April 2013        2nd Annual International Omaha becomes first international competition in the Midwest


Nov. 2013         OEF submits “longshot” bid to host 2017 Finals in Dressage and Jumping

April 2014        3rd Annual International Omaha

June 2014        Omaha selected as host city for 2017, the first new city selected in a decade

April 2015        4th Annual International Omaha adds Dressage to competition line-up

May 2016         Hosted first combined FEI CDI-3* Dressage and CSI-3* Jumping competition

March 2017    Hosted the "Best World Cup Ever" in Jumping and Dressage

April 2018       Hosting the 7th Annual International Omaha with two new competitions

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